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School Board Candidate
East Kingston Elementary

Who can vote for Tiffany?

Voters in  East Kingston who want a fresh perspective, new voice and a pathway to change.

Tiffany Dabrieo: East Kingston Elementary: Image


Tell us about yourself.

I have lived in East Kingston for 7 years with my husband Brian, and our four children Paeton (20) Ava (15) Zoey (11) and Zach (9) 

I have been a Hair Designer for the last 20 years, I successfully ran my own business for 14 years. In the Spring of 2021 I decided to step back from my career and focus on my children’s education. 

Why are you running for school board?

For me it’s all about the kids in my community. Kids are our future a great education is key

How have you prepared for this role? 

I’m very familiar with EKES, having worked as a paraprofessional and a substitute there. I attend not only EK school board meetings, but also coop, joint board, and budget advisory committee meetings to be informed. I also speak with community members to share thoughts and ideas. 

What are two key areas you feel the school board should improve?

Holding the administration accountable and keeping great communication and transparency with the community. 

Should you win the election, what are your long term goals?

Create budgets that support our student’s learning. Restore normalcy to the school environment.

How are you going to accomplish your goals in year one?

I will partner with my fellow board members to identify areas of opportunity for our students and focus on the unfinished learning that has occurred due to the pandemic.

Why should the voters support you?

I have volunteered countless hours in our elementary school in various capacities and understand what our students and teachers need to succeed. I am willing to spend the time to listen to our community to effect change. I am a doer, plain and simple. I hope to receive your support on March 8th. 

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