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School Board Candidate - Exeter
3 Year Term

Who can vote for Talia?

Voters in the town of Exeter who want a fresh perspective, new voice and a pathway for change.

Talia King: Exeter Elementary: Image


Tell us about yourself.

I have lived in Exeter for 11 years with my husband, Matt, and three of our four children, ages 18, 7 and 6. My husband and I moved to Exeter to be closer to our older children, who were living in North Hampton at the time. 

I grew up in West Hartford, Connecticut, and attended Conard High School. After graduating I received my BS degree in business/finance at Wagner College in Staten Island, NY. I am currently a managing director on the investment technology team at a large investment management company 

Why are you running for school board?

I believe that Exeter has grown faster then ever anticipated, and I want to be a part of the modernization of the education platform within SAU16, to help reach a level of excellence that rivals the school system that I know and love from my childhood. 

How have you prepared for this role? 

Emails, attendance and research. I have been emailing the board for the better part of two years asking questions, learning about the board, challenging them to ask hard questions and be the change. I attend not just the Exeter elementary board meetings, but also the joint and cooperative meetings. I also have met with Dr. Ryan to ask questions and learn more. All of this has helped me frame a vision. 

What are two key areas you feel the school board should improve?

Communication and community representation.

Should you win the election, what are your long term goals?

My long term goals are to add, expand or re-introduce curriculum and other activities that enrich our children’s experience at school. 

How are you going to accomplish your goals in year one?

My hope would be to leverage any and all resources provided to poll the community on what topics are most important to them and within those broader topics, what would they like to see change and/or remain.

If we asked someone who was not a fan of yours why you are not the right person to vote for what would they say?

I am direct and often people don’t like that. However, those close to me both professionally and personally would say that my willingness to be direct and have open and honest conversations is what they value in me. These are qualities that are needed to be an effective school board member. I won't be scared to ask the hard questions. 

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