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Taking the High Road: Social Media Commentary






We Wish them Death


Wolf in sheep’s clothing





I’ve been keeping a running list of all the names Anne and I have been called since the “keyboard warriors” of social media have discovered ExeterPACT (thanks for all the screenshots, but kindly stop sending them to us). This is not the entire list, but the attacks most often used. Sometimes I laugh and other times it makes my stomach turn. We knew it was coming, but as someone new to grassroots organization nothing can prepare you for the onslaught.

“Why do you continue to put yourself out there?” I’ve been asked repeatedly.

The answer is simple despite the situation being complex—we will choose to grow ExeterPACT again and again and again because our children matter. Our teachers, paraprofessionals and staff members at our schools matter. Because things are broken and all efforts to engage in productive dialogue with our school board and administration have been ignored at every turn for the past two years. We can do better. It’s time for change.

We believe, if we keep pressing on, at some point our community will find a space beyond the hate, lies, attacks, toxic politics, and anger that divide our friends and neighbors and that space will allow for civil discourse. When this happens, we will then be able to model for our children the type of behavior we want for them and the type of human beings we’d like for them to be.

We are not there yet.

When one cannot argue the message, the methodology turns into attacking the messenger.

So, we continue to try to ignore the haters and the "adults" who attempt to malign our efforts as parents and taxpayers in the community into something it’s not, because for no other reason they are simply too afraid to discuss the real issues. Name calling is easy. Change is hard. It requires an open mind to the viewpoints of others.

The reality is we are wives, mothers, sisters, friends, caregivers, professionals—people who are simply too busy to spend precious time worrying what those who have never spoken to us or attended one of our events, think of us.

A word to the wise: attacks rarely age well, especially on social media. If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing. Be the better person today. We see you and our children see you. (And my mother sees you and wants you to knock it off!)

And don’t forget to research the issues, then vote on March 8!

PS. Thank you to all of the folks in the community who have written us thoughtful questions and kind words of support. We see you too!

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