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Start With the Why

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Professionally one of my favorite workshops to lead with my clients is based on Simon Sinek’s Start with the Why. If you have never heard him speak or read one of his books, below is the Ted Talk that launched his career and ultimately a movement to develop better leaders.

Start with The Why is based on the premise that there are two types of leaders: those who manipulate to arrive at the end result and those who operate with the end in mind and allow things to occur organically. Clearly beginning with the end in mind is preferable to long term success.

Which brings me to Exeter PACT. What is the end in mind?

The end goal is simple: academic excellence—achieved through an engaged and unified community and represented by a school board wholly focused on providing the best education, highest standards and outstanding performance.

Like many parents, I wasn’t as familiar with the way a school functions as thought. But, with a little extra attention, it does not take long to realize that our school district is operating with dysfunction. And our goal is to help to fix that.

Sinek talks about starting with The Why, then evolving toThe How—which are the specific actions to accomplish the Why—and finally, The What—which defines the actions of an organization/group.

How does all of this translate to Exeter PACT?

Our Why

We advocate for excellence in education by working in unity with parents and the greater community. Our goals are to:

  • Restore and maintain academic excellence in SAU16

  • Expect nothing less than full transparency and accountability from our administration and elected officials

  • Ensure that decisions are made by partnership, not partisanship.

Our How

Listen to stakeholders. Not just hear their words or attempt to identify one’s political party, but truly listen. Accordingly, advocate on behalf of all students. Without personal agendas, just ensuring that every student in our schools excels at reading, math, writing and critical thinking skills. We believe we have the very best teachers in our state and our administration needs to allow them to do what they have been called to do—teach. The only way we can do this is through electing school board officials who remove politics and personal agendas from their roles and focus on academics and student achievement, not—asking the right questions and unafraid to hold our administration accountable for measurable results.

The What

A highly ranked school district where students are ready for the next stage of their lives.

Want to learn more about Exeter PACT? Click here to sign up for updates.

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