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The Future of SAU16

ExeterPACT understands the importance our school board members play in the overall performance of our schools. In addition, the school board serves an integral role in the future of our schools and ultimately our students. Historically, school board candidates were elected in a race that was unopposed. We feel the community deserves choices and new voices.

Over the past five months, ExeterPACT solicited questions from over 350 local parents and residents in SAU16 towns to uncover what they wanted to know the most about the candidates for school board. We used these questions to create a 15 question survey that was sent to every candidate who filed for school board this year. To help our community learn about these candidates outside of social media or conjecture, we will be publishing a voter guide. This guide will contain the answers to those questions in the candidates own words. Please look for this to be available later this week.

After reviewing the surveys and more in-depth discussions, we have developed a list of candidates who align with our mission: a collaborative approach to offering a better education for our students and a supportive environment for our teachers and paraprofessionals. Additionally, we looked for candidates who understood the role of a school board--one who serves as the voice of the community to oversee the administration. We identified critical thinkers--those who look for solutions, not excuses. We sought compassionate people who listen to all viewpoints, even when they do not coincide with their own. We sought candidates who were not politicians--we believe those with political resumes have a home in Concord, not on our school board. We need school board members to represent all in the community, not just those who share the same political ideology.

March 8 is a critical election and we hope you take the time to vote. We hope you join us in supporting the candidates we have highlighted--they represent the future of SAU16: where our students needs come first, our teachers' voices are heard and respected and our leadership unites our community, not divides us. 

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Meet the Candidates: Pro Gallery
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