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Cooperative School Board Candidate

Who can vote for Jenn? 

Voters in all six towns:  Brentwood, East Kingston, Exeter, Kensington, Newfields and Stratham who want a fresh perspective, new voice and a pathway to change.

Jenn Marr : Cooperative Kensington: Image


Tell us about yourself.

I have lived in SAU16 for 20 years with my husband Patrick, my children 

Ryan and Olivia and our two dogs Jax and Dixie. 

I grew up in Ipswich and graduated from Southern NH University with a degree in Business Administration. I have worked in talent acquisition for over 15 years. 

Why are you running for school board?

I want a better education for the kids in our community. As a parent of two children in school, I am passionate about education and the mental health for our children. With a significant decrease in rankings at SAU16 over the past couple of years, and the decrease in education in our district we need to focus on bringing back academics to our children.

Mental health is at an all time high as well and our children's mental health is fragile. We need more than ever to look at the mental health of the children and the impact that this pandemic has had on the children.

What are two key areas you feel the school board should improve?

Communication, transparency and compassion. I know that is three areas but I believe all are equally important. The overall decline in enrollments and decline in our children's education. SAU16 used to be a top rated school in the district and although our taxes continue to rise our children's education and mental stability declines.

Should you win the election, what are your long term goals?

As a new member to the board I have a lot to learn about the schools, I will be patient, professional and respectful but firm in what I believe in. I believe parents need to be more involved and have a choice and that the board needs to be more transparent with the community as a whole. 

How are you going to accomplish your goals in year one?

By listening, learning and being active in my community and listening to all sides.

Jenn Marr : Cooperative Kensington: Team
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