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Election Campaign
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At ExeterPACT, we’re ready for something better.

We promise transparency and honest communication-- and in return we ask for the same.

Why did you form a political action committee (PAC)?

We believe there is strength in numbers. We wanted to provide a place for our community members to focus on the goal of providing an academically rigorous school experience for all students. We believe that can be achieved by electing a school board who will oversee our administration. In turn, we expect our Superintendent will work with school leaders and answer to the constituencies in the district--teachers, students, parents, advocates, governing officials and the community at large. We believe our district requires transparent and collaborative leadership and the willingness to let teachers do what they have been called to do: teach our children academics.  We understand a Superintendent has many competing interests, but must manage those and work with the school board to lead the district to meet the needs of all students. A PAC allows our community to pool resources in a way that is transparent and a provides a mechanism to hold our elected officials and school administration accountable for academic achievement in a productive and respectful manner. 

What do you hope to accomplish?

We want our schools to reflect the depth of talent that is present in our teachers and students, and to compete on a national and global scale. According to the most recent US News and World report, in NH, despite having the second best teacher:student ratio in the country, our state of NH is ranked #13 in the US. Exeter High School was once ranked #3 in the state, and over the past five years has consistently fallen to #13. The Cooperative Middle School is now ranked #27 in the state of NH, while other rankings have placed Cooperative Middle School at #38. Yet we have the highest paid administrative team in the state. We want our administration to properly diagnose why our school district is in a period of decline and employ strategies to course correct, ultimately allowing our teachers to do what they do best: teach our students math, science, history, reading, writing, while helping them guide our students' critical thinking skills. This will help all students reach their maximum potential. 

I do not have children in the public schools, why should I be concerned?

Looking at the big picture, education equity ensures that all children have access to a high-quality education. We all should care about education because ultimately the impact affects our entire society. Quality education leads to an increase in employment opportunities, which leads to a rise in income and in turn housing, healthcare (mental and physical) and the overall strength of our state and our country.

On a micro level, our school rankings impact our local property values. Our community has enjoyed a steady and currently competitive housing market. Should our school rankings continue to decline, as they have over the past several years, prospective home buyers will choose other communities in order to provide their children with the best academic opportunities. 

Are you a front for the NH Democrats or NH GOP?

No. First and foremost we believe that school board members should leave their politics out of decisions that affect our schools. When running for school board there is no political affiliation with a candidate, and we encourage school board members to view issues outside of a political lens. We are concerned with actions, not words. When assessing a candidate we look for individuals who can think outside of their political affiliation, listen to their constituents, who are comfortable challenging the administration they oversee, and are dedicated to putting all students first. 

Why are you asking for donations? And what do you do with the money?

We formed a PAC with the state of NH to ensure fiduciary transparency. We seek donations to accomplish the following:

1) support local candidates who seek election to our school board

2) help local charities whose mission will be to support the students in our community.

What is your agenda?

We cannot control what others will say about us, but we can share our guiding principals and demonstrate those based on our actions. 

We are pro-education. We support our teachers and staff and want our schools to be able to offer the very best opportunities in academics, athletics and other extra curricular activities. We are advocates for excellence in education.

We are pro-administration. We believe in holding our school board and administrators accountable for achieving measurable academic success. Currently, we believe our SAU lacks academic results and suffers from leadership to deal with the current climate. 

We are pro-unity. We believe everyone has a voice and deserves to be heard. We are at our best when Parents And Community work Together (PACT).

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