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Listen. Advocate. Connect. Take Action.

The mission of ExeterPACT is to support initiatives that strengthen our public schools. We believe that our public schools provide the foundation for our community and every child deserves access to an education that is based on academics. We believe the only path to achieve excellence in education culminates when Parents And Community work Together (PACT). Investments made in our public schools today ensure a bright future for us all tomorrow.

Federal law requires all children receive a "Free and Adequate Public Education (FAPE)." At ExeterPACT, we see beyond "adequate" and we believe the tax base afforded to our local public schools provides the resources needed to attract the best teachers and leaders. This will ensure every child in our community achieves academic success.  We strive to hold our leaders accountable, and to educate and empower others to take action. We work to ensure that our voices are heard for generations to come.

Our goals are simple, yet bold and based upon one premise: Our students' needs come first with every decision that is made.  ExeterPACT will achieve our mission by meeting the following goals:

How Do We Accomplish Our Goals?

  • LISTEN to all stakeholders

  • ADVOCATE on behalf of all students

  • CONNECT and unite our community, regardless of political affiliation

  • ACTION to hold our elected officials accountable for academic excellence and support pro-education candidates in elections.

What brings us together is our dedication toward our common goals. But we can’t do it without your help. Get in touch to see how you can get involved and increase our impact.

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About Us: Team
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Susan is a longtime advocate for children and supporter of education and public schools. Believing that the best solutions are created when collaboration occurs and actionable outcomes are established, she set out to be part of that solution and Exeter PACT was born. She has been a volunteer at Newfields Elementary School, worked within the PTO to create after school enrichment programs for all students, created a community bookclub "Books with Bros" to foster a love of reading combined with outdoor adventure for boys and chaired multiple fundraising efforts for various education opportunities. Additionally, Susan has served on several booster club boards, most recently supporting her daughter's school of Irish Dance. Sensing a need to raise awareness for the impact of the pandemic on mental health, Susan joined forces with another local mom and created a town hall forum featuring a multidisciplinary panel of experts to reach our community. Over 500 people, including three other school districts tuned in to hear solutions to help the mental health crisis facing our youth. In other efforts to help our schools, Susan currently represents the town of Newfields on the Cooperative School Budget Advisory Committee.

A proud graduate of public schools, Susan graduated from Van High School in east Texas, earned her Bachelor's degree from the University of Texas and her Master's in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire Peter T Paul College of Business and Economics. She currently works as a consultant for medical aesthetics practices in areas of financial analysis, valuations, human resources, leadership training and practice development. 

Susan is married to her husband Chris, who is a New Hampshire native and they live in Newfields with their two children.  You'll likely see Susan on the local trails walking with her beloved dogs Ranger and Dixie or cheering on her children and their friends at various activities.

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